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The full name of our firm is Alliance Compensation & Litigation Lawyers, which first and foremost signifies solidarity. We are a solid force in successfully pursuing and retrieving the best available compensation for our clients. We are able to do this because we have been in the game with years of solid ground work and have a professional knowledge of how the legal system in Australia functions. Our commitment and dedication is unmatched anywhere along the eastern coast of Australia wher affordable article writing our presence is recognized and appreciated.

Area Of Specialization

Like any other undertaking that aspires to always achieve the very best for its clients, Alliance Lawyers focuses and specializes on specific areas of the law. For now, it is insurance and compensation law and the firm’s rate of success has been phenomenal, so if you have been diddled by big insurance companies or have sustained injuries following a collision with a negligent driver, you are welcome to call upon our legal expertise. You are perfectly welcomed to approach us and arrange an early consultative meeting so we can ascertain you chances of success or otherwise. You needn’t be deterred by the costs as we operate on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

Free Consultations

At Alliance Lawyers, we are staunch supporters of free consultative meetings where all the ins and outs of a client’s situation are fully discussed and ascertained. You must have complete faith in the legal expertise of our professional staff and discuss your issues openly with them during the free opportunity of exchanging words and thoughts. The full circumstances of your accident will be discussed in detail and an appropriate course of action will be formulated during the discussions. You are always welcome to communicate with us by phone in between times so that we may gauge your position before the actual court hearing.

The Compensation Range To Expect

Our expert car accident compensation lawyers are always available all over New South Wales, and the lower south eastern part of Queensland. They can appraise the situation and inform you about the type of benefits you are likely to win. These include payments of general damages and financial loss. These can be yours if you allow yourself the luxury of approaching us and discussing your accident with us. If you think likewise, the next step should not be a problem for you.


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