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Suffering from a Motor Vehicle Incident?

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Our policy means that you will not have to pay any of our legal costs or associated expenses unless your claim is successful and you receive compensation. There are never any upfront costs or charges.


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We continually train to understand every aspect of medical testing. We have the expertise to scrutinise and challenge incorrect medical assessments and determinations.

Who Can Claim?

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may be able to claim depending on your role in the accident. A “motor accident” can include collisions between cars, buses or motorcycles but may also apply to incidents involving forklifts, trains, quad bikes or similar.

Never Ending Vehicle Claims

In Australia, vehicle accidents occur almost non-stop and so do the legal litigations for them. Vehicular claims can be long and costly drawn out legal battles and for this reason, Sydney Lawyers always prepare their cases meticulously and thoroughly to keep the costs at a minimum. Such legal duels are not only costly, they are also painful to the heart and mind of the owner who has sustained damages and our lawyers are always at their best as they look after the interests of their clients in these oppressing and tight situations.

Parties And Eligibility As To Claims

If you have been involved in an accident, you may be able to lodge a legal claim as a result of damages you suffered from that accident. A claim arising from an accident is our area of expertise. In many cases, these accidents may happen as a result of collisions between cars, buses or motorcycles but they can also include that arise from forklifts, trains quad bikes or similar vehicles. Anyone in these accidents can lodge a claim to us and we will provide legal assistance based on our ‘no win no fee’ approach.

The Mechanics Of Lodging A Claim

The law says that after having been involved in an accident you are entitled to lodge a claim for the injuries you’ve suffered. But before you can lodge the claim, you must establish that the loss was caused by the negligence or breach of duty or due care by the person driving the vehicle that caused the accident. Special legislation also provide for cases that apply for children and “blameless accidents” and for these, you will need expert legal advice on whether or not you can lodge a claim under such circumstances. Sydney Lawyers are always available to render assistance.

What Can You Gain From A Claim? 

In order to collect the benefits due to you from your claim, you must first succeed in your case and be awarded a settlement. In order for you to succeed, you need the best lawyers supporting you and of course Sydney Compensation Lawyers are always at the ready to stand in your corner. Following your success you may recover general damages and financial loss together with legal costs. These are the benefits you stand to gain with Sydney Lawyers helping you and if you are of the same mind, what you do next can have an extraordinary impact on your life.


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