Public Place Incidents

A Forthright and Aggressive Commitmentmartinplace

Being totally conversant with the intricacies of personal injury law, Alliance Lawyers are completely at home dealing with injuries sustained during car collisions or from the movements of other plants and vehicles apart from cars, buses and motorcycles. Because of the confidence our lawyers have on this branch of the law, they typically assume a very forthright and aggressive commitment in the court room. It is purely through this approach that our lawyers have been able to attain a high level of success with thousands of successful insurance and personal injury cases and compensation running in the hundreds of millions.

If there is CCTV footage of the event, this may help the case.

Public liability claims

A lot of people are ignorant about the possibility of lodging claims against public authorities for causing injuries to members of the public. This area also falls directly under the ambit of Alliance Lawyer’s portfolio and one that draws a lot of interest and amazing performance from our fully qualified lawyers. A vast array or potential claims can arise from this sector. They include slips and falls from the negligent acts or omissions on the part of public or municipal authorities in not properly doing their civic duties. In this category are slips on pathways, falls at the supermarket, an injury suffered from a fall due to loose gravel or even a fall at home because of faulty workmanship on your door, stairway or tiling. In all of these situations, Alliance Lawyers can help

Consultation is a key element for success

In order for our lawyers to succeed, they must have access to the facts and the only way they can do that is through the free consultations with our clients. You can start the ball rolling by calling us by phone and we will set up a consultative meeting at a convenient time for all. This is the crux of our success at Alliance Lawyers and we encourage it all the time. Call and talk to one of our expert lawyers and get first-hand information on how we will deal with your issue. You can tell them in which public area the accident occurred and they will take it from there.

Colossal benefits to be won

Your contribution to the wealth of information for our lawyers will contribute to the success of our lawyers and if you are not able to convey all, they have their own techniques of how to bring out the information they need during the court hearing. The best you can do is provide them with the ammunition they need to succeed and you along with them. If this is your wish, it shouldn’t be any trouble for you to take the next step.


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